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Our collection of dairy-related publications spanning 1990 - 4/2019. More than 400 publications for technical and general-use readers are contained in our database. It is searchable by author, title, and user-supplied keywords. Publications and abstracts can be downloaded for free along with the web address of the publication. The majority of the publications are distributed as PDF files.

Instructions for uploading a publication:

  1. Connect to via remote desktop
  2. Open the file explorer and navigate to C:\django\dairymange\files\pdfs
  3. Drag and drop and new pdfs into this folder. Can be done one at a time or in large batches. ONLY PDFS. The webpage directly updates the database from this folder so it is important not to put files in this folder that we do not want in the database. If an unwanted file is added by mistake, do not delete the file from the directory. Send an email to with the name of the accidentally uploaded file.
  4. Refresh this page
  5. Files recently added to the folder will be on the top of the list. Click the update button to open an input form.
  6. The new publication can be viewed to gather information by clicking "Download." This will open in the same tab.
  7. Once the input form has been submitted the new entry will be visible to public users so check spelling before submitting.
Check public user view after finishing updating files. Click on Dairy marketing tools in the top menu. Click Logout in the side menu. Go back to the publications page. There should not be any files visible with underfined authors, titles, or dates.


Brian Gould   Extension Program   University of Wisconsin-Madison   Department of Agriculture and Applied Economics