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An additional source for dairy market information and best price risk management practices. For more information, check with the links page or contact the site organizer, Brian Gould.

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Livestock Gross Margin - Dairy

Combine this information with the LGM-Analyzer to navigate the Livestock Gross Margin for Dairy insurance program. The LGM Dairy program provides provides an alternative method for insuring dairy farming operations compared to traditional bundled option packages.

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Our collection of dairy-related publications spanning 1989 - 2/2019. More than 600 publications for technical and general-use readers are contained in our database. It is searchable by author, title, and user-supplied keywords. Publications and abstracts can be downloaded for free along with the web address of the publication. The majority of the publications are distributed as PDF files.

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Links Library

A library of links to dairy marketing resources. Resources include USDA published information, exernal sources for real-time dairy pricing, and dairy industry news outlets.

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